Our products are first of all designed and then drawn in our laboratory located in the heart of the French Alps.

We mainly use cotton: 100% of our products are made of at least 60% cotton. It is certified organic by the GOTS label, which guarantees the organic character of our cotton from harvest to labelling (in other words, you are sure that once out of the fields, our organic cotton has not been exchanged for cotton fed with pesticides). This label also guarantees us that we will not make you stronger but more biotiful! 

The remaining 40% (we know how to count at ABK!) allow us to offer you products with finishes of handsome boys and girls (zippers, rivets, eyelets, imitation leather details…).

To go further in the finishing touches, two other labels allow us to guarantee that our dyeing and printing products used on our clothes are not dangerous for your beautiful skin: the OEKO TEX Standard label and its friend REACH. By the way we try to work as much as possible with water-based inks, and the treatment of our wastewater is standardized.


Our organic cotton comes from 3 different places: Turkey, Egypt and India. Why? Because if we had cotton fields in France, it would be known! (Well, oh yes, it is, France is now the proud owner of 4ha of cotton since 2017! 

Everything that is not made of cotton comes mainly from the EuroMed area, and in particular from our production sites in Turkey and Tunisia, because we try to favour “short” circuits (90% of our production is carried out in the EuroMed area).
And when we can’t, we try to reduce our impact on the environment by using more respectful transports such as rowboat, sailboat, rowing, canoe… but it’s still less practical than a real boat!

Why them? From the beginning we have chosen to favour long-term collaboration, and therefore to work in good understanding, with people with whom we like to share a good meal after work, and with whom we are sure that the children work in good conditions. Oh, no, sorry, that the children are not working!
And besides, it allows us to sunbathe and feel a little bit on holiday when we visit them!