In history, there has been: 1595 the creation of the flushing by Harington, 1899 the patent of the trombone, in 1969 Woodstock with Jimi Hendrix and his solo from the space, the Pin's in the 80s, and in 2010 the birth of ABK

ABK it is simple (or maybe not so much). Our story begins in the heart of the Alps, Chamonix, Mont Blanc… uh…. Grenoble sorry, the Bastille cable car and everything and everything. At the beginning we find three childhood friends, Hugo, Nicolas and Daniel (but he doesn’t like Daniel too much, the intimates call him Bullet).

At the base, they are rather climbers, the kind that train for hours on a wall, chaining competitions, eating seeds and going to tear themselves away on world cups… Well, that’s what they used to say to impress the girls.

The reality is that they were certainly climbing quite a lot, but they dreamed of being rock stars in rehearsal sessions in Hugo’s garage, globetrotters, or even draftsmen.

After a few years of wandering, our three friends got together and decided to combine passion with work by creating one of the first boulder rooms in France, ABLOK.

It quickly became one of the landmarks of Grenoble climbers, especially young people. And there, first observation, the young people, they don’t like to wear climbing clothes. Green pants and purple sweatshirts are great for Halloween but it’s less fun when you go out for a beer after your session. As a result, most of young people climb with boardshorts.

And it is at this moment that our 2 other ABKers appear, François and Stéphane. Stéphane is the guy who knows textile like the back of his hand.

So, where I was, um, uh yes, Steph and François, François is our graphic designer. ABK is above all the style, and François, style he has it!

ABLOK is the beginning of the adventure, the first product tests, the first tests with friends who come to the room to climb, the first headaches too. But quickly the products please, it must be said that having jeans that allow you to climb and go for a beer it speaks.
We are not the ones who say it, it is our customers, the proof, they are the ones who wrote our slogan. ABK, doesn’t make you stronger but more beautiful. The class, kiddo.
And yeah, we promise you something, it’s not by putting on some ABK that you’ll go from 9b, but on the other hand you’ll have the style.

And at that moment, our 5 friends say to each other, as we don’t have enough problems as it is, why don’t we decide to add some more by creating a clothing brand. Here we go!

Step number 1: Find the name.

– ABLOK clothes?

– Bullet’s cloth and his friends who also work with him, but he is still the leader?

– No, it’s okay, I found it, ABLOK, we’ll call it ABK.

And here it is, the brand that doesn’t make you stronger but more beautiful is born. And today we continue to write the story with our friends, we open up to all outdoor sports, and we also speak Franglish, yeah, but with a good French accent.

We talk to slackliners, base jumpers, paragliders, those who love fashion and even music, rocker one day rocker always.

We have created a nice group of friends who travel all over the world to pass on our values between two aperitifs.

By the way, you too are welcome, you are part of the ABK family now.